Elaine Hartley – Featured Artist

Elaine Hartley – Featured Artist

This weeks featured artist is Elaine Hartley. She has been collecting and photographing nature images with The Face for many years now. She does a wonderful job of showing that all you need nothing more then The Face, a lovely natural setting and a camera to create. These pieces are simply lovely. Thank you for sharing them Elaine.

Elaine in her own words…

The face has accompanied my journey for nearly 20 years.  I purchased my first face at a bead show in Columbus Ohio.  I had no plan.  She spoke to me so strongly that I knew she would be a loyal and inspiring companion. She travels in my pocket until I hear her speaking to me.  It is a relationship of pure bliss!

Indeed she has become my passion, placing her in nature and photographing her.  During my healing journey with cancer these last 2 years she and my steadfast friend Opie (dog) have truly championed my recovery.

I am so grateful to Diane who created these faces from a connection so special and gifted.  Thank you Diane!!!  For me it is a spiritual connection that is best explained by seeing my pictures.

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