Irina Maritskaya – Featured Artist

Irina Maritskaya – Featured Artist

Irina Maritskaya has the type of talent that takes your breath away.  Her work is like watching a fairytale come to life and is ready to be worn. Much of her jewelry is based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe.  She was inspired in particular by the characters: Ligeia, Annabelle Lee, Linor (Nevermore), Bernice and Morella.

We invite you to enjoy her work and visit her LiveMaster website and store if you are interested in her work –

I am constantly in a creative search and master a variety of techniques and techniques, looking for rare and beautiful materials. She accepts orders selectively.

She has participated in the following exhibitions: Farbs of the Soul (Minsk), Hat Vernissage (Minsk), Golden Hands of Masters (Kiev), Magic Box (Moscow), Mirror of the Soul (Moscow).

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