Kinga Nichols – Featured Artist

Kinga Nichols – Featured Artist

Kinga Nichols is an absolutely amazing artist who has been creating with The Face for many years. She creates these incredible pieces that are a kaleidoscope of color and patience.  The hours that go into pieces is considerable.  Here is little snippet from her bio to give you a taste of her background:

“One way or another Kinga has been always making things, which started turning into a career when  she was painting murals at the time she lived in New York. The murals were fun, but she did not feel like painting was her calling. Eventually she picked up a bead and Button magazine in 2007, found a bead embroidery project, and slowly but surely the obsession took over. 

After that first project, she started creating her own designs and quickly found her own distinctive voice that allowed her to translate her imaginings into beadwork. Kinga is always brainstorming, and her imagination provides an endless supply of fanciful ideas that she translates into bead embroidery.”


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One of the many cool things to note about Kinga is that you can find her teaching classes throughoutthe United States. You can see her current list of scheduled classes some that include The Face and other topics reaching into 2021 here  you can also find her, her work and classes at the annual Bead and Button Show:

She also has videos and patterns available for her work. So I recommend you check out her website to locate them. Her June 2019 class featured The Face as a center piece to the lesson and had 21 students!  All with unique takes on how to work with The Face.

You can also find some of her work for purchase at her Etsy store:

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