Aurora Dowdy – Featured Artist

Aurora Dowdy – Featured Artist

Aurora Dowdy is a licensed therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, spiritual coach, and metaphysician who has created some lovely Sacred Spirit Dolls and included some of our moonchild faces among some of her pieces.  She has an Etsy store Eunois Holistic Shop if you would like to see more of her work.

In her own words:

It was a beautiful day, Spring 2018, when I went crystal mining about an hour from Asheville, NC (USA). It was definitely a moment where I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and get dirty with Mother Earth. I loved every second of it, and found a lot of gorgeous crystals!!

Days later…I was sitting at home wondering what to do with all the crystals. So, without watching videos, or reading how to make crystal wire jewelry…I intuitively started creating pieces as a way to unwind late at night (aka my new self-care hobby). Then I randomly gifted the sacred creations to my family, and friends as random acts of kindness. I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was the pieces were made with so much love, and light energy as I created each piece in a ritualistic ceremony as I connected to Creator via meditation, prayer, intention, music, etc.

In less than a week, people started placing orders. Items were posted on social media, and they would sell out very quickly. So, I knew there was something magical in creating such beauties. Here we are months later, and the magic continues to unfold.

These sacred pieces are created while invoking my “Invisible Spirit Posse” aka my “Silent Partners” as a good friend would call them (God, the Angels, Ascended Masters, even loved ones in Spirit, etc).

So, I decided to open an Etsy shop due to many requests from my sacred SOUL tribe whom I adore, and feel grateful to have in my life…as they have been super supportive during this creative journey!

I hope everyone enjoys the energy of this shop, and more importantly my wish is for you to always SPOIL yourself with meaningful experiences filled with amazing juju.

Here are some of her pieces and their inspiring descriptions fit for the sacred in all of us…

This gorgeous moon goddess is embracing the energies of Mother Earth. She’s finally come into her POWER, and is loving herself more than ever! The crown is symbolic of the magical QUEEN she’s BECOMING! Her attitude is fearless, loving, majestic, fun, hype, etc. It took her a while to fully comprehend the intricacies of her SOUL. Spirit has been with her every step of the way on this sacred journey towards enlightenment!

In addition, she’s also addicted to the healing vibrations of the FULL MOON and CRYSTALS. Rose Quartz reminds her of unconditional love for self/others, it’s helped her heal the heart chakra, balancing emotions, increasing confidence, etc. Rhodonite helped her rescue herself from traumatic relationships that no longer served her highest/best good. She learned to validate, and value herself. The mantra of “I am worthy” became her best friend. Most importantly she learned how to forgive herself/others, and practice compassion on an intense level to balance karma, and heal her SOUL.

Something magical happened this evening after months of taking a break from creating spirit dolls, and crystal jewelry…

She is BECOMING a mature goddess, sophisticated, disciplined, impeccable with her words, experiencing inner peace, and congruency within all levels of existence. Her 3rd eye is wide open, embracing the wonders from within. Finally, she’s SHOWING up for herself…

She’s perfectly imperfect…worthy, deserving, and whole!! 

Spirit adores her soul, she is being sacredly guided, and protected at all times by her invisible spirit posse of the LIGHT. 

She is connected to her ancestors…and o’ how she’s discovered ancient healing!! Karmic cycles have ended, and from now on this beauty will be living her best LIFE! 

She believed she could, so she did 🖤

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