Cija Black – Featured Artist

Cija Black – Featured Artist

So at long last I have created some assemblage pieces with The Face that I really love.  For a few years now I’ve been searching for a way to package a bit of calm and serenity and share it with others and I think I have found a pretty neat way that allows me to collaborate with my Mom’s ceramic faces.  I have created these Little Boxes and Portraits of Calm.  My intention is to create something that allows people to place these little assemblages somewhere that during the day they can look over at them and just remember to breathe.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces you can find them at our Etsy Store in the Assemblage Pieces Category:

A little about my (Cija Black) back ground…

My Mom Diane Briegleb is the creator of The Face.  I have spent my whole life with those lovely ceramic ladies just being a part of my life.  My Mom has always surrounded me with creativity and opportunities to express myself.

In school I always gravitated towards art classes and pretty much anything that would allow me to get my hands dirty in some paint, clay or other creative endeavor.  I majored in Conceptual Design – Multi Media which is really long way of saying web design.  So I took all of those skills and became a really good paper pusher, always keeping my toe dipped into the nerdly computer arts.

In the past three years my husband and I moved to my parents place out in the Oregon forest to help my Dad transition to the next adventure and help my Mom manage 13 acres of incredible forest land.  Since moving here I have turned back to my roots of creativity and wonder. I have been taking classes in painting and wire wrapping and also have more seriously apprenticed with Mom to help her create the next generation of faces.

These face assemblages are something that comes from my heart and I hope it allows others to take a moment to remember to breathe.

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