How Do I Use the Face?

How Do I Use the Face?

Many people love the look of The Face but they are unsure how to mount it in some way to use in their projects. This post is intended to give you some ideas on how to mount the face for beading, dolls and other jewelry projects.

For many beading artists and embroiders, they mount The Face using E6000 Clear Adhesive (which can be found at just about any craft store) to glue it to the foundation of your choice. You could use hot glue to adhere it but when it dries tends to get a bit more brittle and might not hold as well in the long run. For the foundation and/or backing we recommend that you use something like suede or felt since the back of the faces tend to be rather concave and it’s easier to get your foundation to adhere if it is soft and more pliable, rather than something like Lacy’s Stiff Stuff, which is well stiff.

You can find a number of videos on YouTube that show you how to mount cabochon’s to a foundation backing. This one is helpful for the basic concepts you’ll want to consider when you mount your face. Beadaholique YouTube video on how to glue on a cabachon.  You can also do a search on YouTube using “glue cabachon for beading” for more examples on the full process.

The basic idea is that you cut your foundation fabric to include the size of the face (make sure you account for the concave shape as well) plus some extra that allows you to bead around it if you plan to use it that way.  Some people will use a foundation for the beading, do the beading and then finish with a nicer piece of ultra suede or felt for a more finished look. After you have beaded around the piece you may want to attach it to a bag, art doll, necklace, etc.

Below are some examples of how The Face can be mounted…


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