Sunhi Garber – Featured Artist

Sunhi Garber – Featured Artist

We are pleased to share with you the lovely beadwork of Sunhi Garber.  She was introduced to the face by another one of our featured artists Kandra Norsigian.  Her work calls up the sea and nature with her beautiful use of earth tones.  The Face pieces she is using are some flat art deco pieces.  Please feel enjoy the pieces and be sure to visit her on Facebook.

My name is Sunhi Garber, sole proprietor of SunHi Arts. I live and work in Thousand Oaks, California. I was introduced to The Face by Kandra Norsigian at one of her bead trunk shows a few years ago. At that time, I purchased four faces, the flatter plate style which was the only style available at the show I believe.  I was mesmerized by these pieces. Had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with them, but knew I had to try. I am a second generation bead embroiderer by night…and a US Navy veteran and systems engineer for future aircraft systems by day…both halves of me pushing and pulling at each other every day for my limited time. Life surrounded me with beads early on as I was raised by a highly creative mother — dancer, fashion designer, and bead embroiderer……but that is a longer story for another time.

My two pieces are Windward Isle, with Green Face, and Leeward Isle, with Ivory Face. Having grown up on Oahu, I often crossed both the windward (lush green, informal and relaxed) and leeward (dryer and more energized with the frenetic tourism and businesses of Honolulu) sides of the island. These necklaces were shown for the first time at 2018 The Bead Society of Los Angeles, Culver City Bead Bazaar. The responses of visitors included: “stunning”, “awe-inspiring”, “gorgeous”, and “beautiful.”  Thank you to Diane for enabling these heartfelt responses by creating The Face as my inspiration.

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2 Replies to “Sunhi Garber – Featured Artist”

  1. Such lovely composition … it’s like wearing the sea as you feel gentle winds blowing. Just….Lovely.

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