Kandra Norsigian – Featured Artist

Kandra Norsigian – Featured Artist

Today The Face shares with you an artist who is very near and dear to our heart.  Kandra has been working with The Face for many years and has done some truly lovely beading on some of the stamped flat pieces as well a faces.  We invite you to enjoy her work and read about her work and inspiration in her own words. If you would like to find out more about Kandra you can visit her website at www.kandrasbeads.com or email her directly at kandra@kandrasbeads.com.

I’ve always loved working with my hands.  Whether cooking or beading, making things gives me great satisfaction.

My business and artistic experiences have taught me that I love learning, that I need challenges, and that I must speak in my own voice.

I’ve explored a number of mediums including seed beadwork, gourd arts, lampworking and kiln glass making, basket weaving, quilting, felting, metal clay, enameling, doll making, photography, wire work, embroidery, weaving and even polymer clay.

My work is strongly informed by my love of color in both natural and manmade worlds: of shapes, especially the spiral and gingko leaf.

Creative expression for me is about play.  When I’m working with my hands in any medium, the children inside me get to come out in the sun.  In this way, I nurture myself and find my peaceful place in the world.

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