Daisy Vasquez – Featured Artist

Daisy Vasquez – Featured Artist

This week we are featuring Daisy Vasquez. Daisy is a wonderfully talented and creative bead embroidery artist inspired by the world around her to create wonderful beaded pieces.  We invite you to enjoy her talent and be inspired!  You can contact Daisy about her work on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/vintagepeddler and you can direct message her on Facebook as well.

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Why do you make art?

Because I love creating and love the challenges.

How do choose a theme for your artwork?

I choose my theme by the main focal point, colors , a memory.

What does your art represent?

My art represents me and my creativity.

What inspires & motivates you?

I have a lot that motivates me, colors, nature, what a piece what ever it’s is, I just want to hold it and even though I can’t draw, I do in my mind. The wheels are always turning.

How do you make your art? What are your techniques?

I use many techniques, beaded stitches, the beads makes a great statement, color and shape, I’m starting to use fibers, ribbons and felting and on one I’m using mud fabric from Africa. The stars the limits. I used to do embroidery and cross stitch, silk ribbon embroidery until I took my first beadwork class and I was hooked. I can never get enough.

What does your art mean to you?

My art for me is to release and create all that is in me!! I wish I could sketch better, but it is all in what I see and I’m lost in another world or absorbed in the process, I’m an Artist without a brush!

What is your medium to work in?

Bead Embroidery

How do you work?

Mainly I bead embroidery, silk ribbon, adding many different objects, wood, wire wrap, felting and I’m so hooked on Raku, vintage buttons for sure!

What is your background?

I’m retired from the medical field. I was a medical Corpsman in US Army. My hand and my brain are so connected, I can’t stand not creating . What gets my juices going is what I buy from other artists, cabs, vintage beads and buttons, lampwork and definitely The Face I first got from Diane Briegleb. I could go on and on.

3 Replies to “Daisy Vasquez – Featured Artist”

  1. Daisy makes THE most beautiful broaches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces I have EVER seen! I am her biggest fan!

  2. Daisy how do I Get to see some of your beautiful earrings and necklaces & bracelets? I would love to purchase some earrings and necklaces. Dena Hall

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