Jill Mardin – Featured Artist

Jill Mardin – Featured Artist

And now for something completely different using The Face.  Jill Mardin is a local (to us) artist and and dear neighbor.  She works in just about all medias and loves combining them. We invite you to enjoy her work. You can see even more of her work on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/jillianmardin/

Jill in her own words:

I love mixed media as it combines all of the artistic elements that I find most intriguing. It is amazing to mix it all up and create layers of color and mediums, textures and images. I like to create mystery in my work to let the viewer see what they see. Since coming to Oregon I have taken many classes and workshops with many wonderful artists learning technique and application. My art has always been informed by Esoterica, Surrealism, and antiquities as well as primitive / tribal and I love Outsider Art. I love doing research and applying it to my art.

Lately I have been doing encaustic work and love the richness and depth it adds. It is an ancient medium which appeals as well. I also do watercolors, printing, oils and have been really digging into digital art. It is a whole new world of possibilities.

I love using recycled materials in my work as it gives new life to them and helps our planet a little. A piece of found rusted metal to me is like a rare treasure.

I am really a self-taught artist. I started doing drawings and watercolor in the 1970’s. Later, I studied photography briefly at Goddard College in Vermont under a generous grant and it became my passion for many years.

I taught art privately and worked as an Art Therapist also in Vermont.

I took a long hiatus from art and in 2006 after a tragedy in my life found solace again in the creative process. I came to Oregon from Boston because of its beauty and to the Eugene area because it is a community that supports the arts on every level.

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