Niki Myers-Rogerson – Featured Artist

Niki Myers-Rogerson – Featured Artist

Niki Myers-Rogerson is a wonderful example of what can happen when you share the spark of inspiration and creativity with others.  It literally makes the world a better and more beautiful place…

Niki has been a long time champion of The Face and Diane’s work. Over the years she has created her own beautiful pieces with The Face and has also passed along faces to other artists for to create their own works.  These are some of Niki’s stunning beaded designs:

Niki volunteered as a rape survivor advocate for many years. She has been an amazing support for countless women as they go through some very difficult and painful times. Often when she hears the story of a bead artist that is going through a challenging time she puts together a “goodie box” filled with beads of all kinds and a face or two.

It’s amazing to see what these women create and how much joy a box stuffed full of beads can bring to one person’s life. I’ve sent out dozens of them over the years. It makes me feel happy to make the world the better place for women who deserve a break. ~Niki Myers-Rogerson

Below is a slideshow of the works that have been created from the pieces Niki has gifted…

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Thank you Niki for your support over the years of The Face and for all the time, compassion and energy you have given to women in need of support. The world needs more people like you giving their time to such a worthy cause.


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